Pasta Nostra Restaurant
~  Since 1984  ~

116 Washington Street, So. Norwalk, CT 06854     203-854-9700

About us:

It all began in 1981 in Grandpa Joe Bruno's home town of Ortona.   Chef Joe, who was not then known as "Chef Joe," was playing on the beach with his two boys while Susan, his wife, went off to town to shop for dinner.   She came back with some fresh pasta and news about the great little place where it was made and about how the owner, upon hearing that her husband was descended from a man from Ortona, wanted to meet him and show him his shop.   Upon meeting the man, Joe wanted to buy all his equipment and take it home to Brooklyn, but the man was not yet ready to retire and sent Joe and Susan to Milano where they could meet the manufacturer and buy their own equipment.

W ith the equipment contract wrapped up in Milano, Joe and Susan and the boys set sail for the New World on the Polish liner S.S. Stefan Batory (this was to be her last voyage as the Russian tanks were even then rolling into Poland and Solidarity was about to be ground into dust).   Joe and Susan's plan was simple: to make and sell fresh pasta, sauces, sausage and antipasti, just like they made at home for themselves and their friends.   The target was a small storefront in downtown Manhattan, but Joe, not yet a chef, had door after door closed (if not slammed) in his face.   When Joe finally found South Norwalk's historic restoration district he knew his search was over.   By that time the idea had grown: we might as well have some lunch tables where we can showcase our wares, Joe reasoned with Susan who wanted nothing to do with operating a restaurant herself.

I n December of 1984 Pasta Nostra opened its doors and Joe's brother went out onto the streets and basically strong-armed timid folk into coming in for a free lunch of his brother's food.   After that some of them actually returned and paid for a meal.   Among those early lunchers was New Canaan artist Wilma Irvin who knew a good thing when she ate it.   Wilma also knew the N.Y. Times food critic, Patricia Brooks, and told Joe that she was bringing her in--for the kill, Joe thought!  Though he protested very strenuously to Wilma, she would not be deterred, insisting that Joe's food was more than worthy in spite of the fact that even Chef Joe, at that time, did still not think himself a chef.   So Patricia came and saw that it was good, and told her readers so.   In fact, to Joe's eternal glory and joy (he being a designer, and all) she compared his cooking to the work of Bauhaus architect Mies van der Rohe.   Before we knew what had hit us, our little store had become a bustling business, and to this day Chef Joe has never experienced a greater compliment than that bestowed by Patricia Brooks in that first glowing review.

N ow, some thirty years later, we still make everything the only way we know how: from scratch, without compromise, employing ingredients of the highest quality.   If you haven't already done so, we welcome you to come and enjoy a dining experience that many of our discriminating customers rank among the finest to be had: here in Connecticut; in the greater New York City area; indeed the world over!   Having dined far and wide ourselves (and being disinclined towards false modesty), we are not about to disagree.

Our Hours:

Wednesday nights beginning at 6:00.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 5:30.
We serve Dinner only.

Accepted Payment:

Visa, MasterCard and (as always) US dollars.


Call us at (203) 854-9700 to reserve a table.   For your convenience, when we're not in our machine will take your reservation request.   Please understand that your reservation will not become official until we have contacted you and confirmed your reservation.

Parties of six or more are subject to a minimum gratuity of 20%.

Please remember that we reserve tables as a courtesy to our customers.   If you need to cancel your reservation, we ask that you kindly return the favor by providing adequate notice such that we might re-book your table.

How to Reach Us

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Order Pasta Nostra to Serve at Home

Yes, you read that right!   Planning a party or simply want to stock you freezer for easy Pasta Nostra dinners any time?   Fax in this Retail Order Form to order your favorite pastas, sauces, and other items for convient pickup at the restaurant.

Be sure to consult the Product Information Sheet for detailed information about each product on the order form: how to order, how to cook, etc.

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